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Data Discovery, Access, Transparency, and Aggregation

In the ever-expanding Internet of Things, it can be a costly challenge to find, manage, and curate authoritative and actionable data.

Using Esri’s GeoPortal Server or Portal, or Open Data on ArcGIS Online, your organization can engage in a structured and distributed network of data providers. New technologies allow data to be searched from anywhere using web services from your organization along with other data providers. Within these systems, data can be easily documented, accessed, mapped, and analyzed directly from the web.

Our services in this area include: GIS portal development, data inventory/compilation, data harvesting, metadata development, geodatabase development, data modeling, asset inventories, integration of disparate data, and geodatabase creation.

easily access and share your data online using open arcgis open data

ArcGIS Open Data provides a doorway to all your organization's information in one, single location, including geospatial and tabular data, documents, and pdfs. As a Silver Esri Business Partner, we can help you create an ArcGIS Open Data site to share and work with open data directly from the source. This is a not only a powerful tool developed to serve the public, but is equally important for managing data for internal purposes. 

What is ArcGIS Open Data?

Open Data allows organizations to use Esri’s ArcGIS Online platform to provide the public or internal clients with access to an organization’s authoritative data. Stone will help your organization configure a website with your own look and feel, as well specify Open Data groups to share specific items. The public can use your Open Data site to search by topic or location, download data in multiple formats, and view data on an interactive map and in a table. ArcGIS Open Data works in tandem with internal and external ArcGIS Online accounts

set your community or organization apart with esri's hub program

Improve your community's quality life, enhance innovation, increase transparency, and drive support for local organizations.

A Community Engagement Hub is like a Swiss Army knife on steroids. The Hub makes the city's geospatial analytics data available online to the public. This technology enables citizens, businesses, and academic institutions to use geographic information for better decision-making. Esri is developing the building reusable/extensible organization tools to support multiple policy initiatives. The Hub enables organizations to put information from open data to support policy initiatives leveraging your data into apps that inform and track.  

Stone is ready to assist you in building your Community’s or Organization’s Engagement Hub. Contact Katie Budreski for more information.

discover for how others are using arcgis open data and Community engagement hubs

Open Data Sites

Community Engagement Sites 


Stone can help your organization create a ArcGIS Open Data site to increase the accessibility of data and applications as well as improve collaboration with the following capabilities:

  • Create customized sites for your data
  • Allow federated searching across organizations and groups. Provide support for spatial and non-spatial tables
  • Provide interactive filters to explore data
  • Share links to filtered views of datasets
  • Story Maps, AGOL Applications.

Let Our Experts Help 

Our service includes completing the following elements for each of your datasets. We will work with you to insure that the information is what you want to convey to the public.

  • TitleFor individual layers, change the title in ArcGIS Online to be clear and informative. For layers within map or feature services, change the title locally, and publish the service with clean titles. ArcGIS Open Data will remove any underscores in your title.
  • Description: We will change the description in ArcGIS Online. Layers within map or feature services will take the description of the entire service. If you do not enter a description, Open Data will automatically provide "The organization that shared this dataset did not provide a description."
  • Field aliases (optional): Change complex GIS data field names to a more user-friendly description of the content of the field. Dataset downloads will supply the field name, not the field alias.
  • Licensing: We can add a license in the Access and Use Constraints section of your item on ArcGIS Online.
  • Tags: We will add appropriate “Tags” to help users discover your datasets through searches.
  • Thumbnails: We will create item thumbnails that will appear beside the dataset in the search results.
  • Structured Metadata: We will add your official metadata files to the ArcGIS Online item and users can access it via ArcGIS Open Data. If your data does not include metadata, we can provide this service.

Data Requirements

ArcGIS Open Data currently works with data from:

  • Hosted feature layers, 
  • ArcGIS Server feature services, 
  • ArcGIS Server map services, 
  • ArcGIS Server image services, 
  • CSV files, 
  • Hosted tables. 
  • External URLs, 
  • Web maps, and 
  • Other documents (such as Word documents and PDFs).