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Focus On Quality

Data integrity, quality assurance, and quality control systems are a critical internal capability and are part of every project at Stone.

All staff are trained and refreshed annually on GLP, NELAP, NEFAP and ISO 17025 Quality Standards. Our Quality Assurance Unit ensures that our scientific best practices—whether in performing field studies or running probabilistic modeling scenarios—translate to data that are defensible and of known quality.

Quality is not only an internal commitment at Stone—it is a key service we provide to our clients. Our QA services include laboratory, field and facilities audits; data validation in accordance with National and Regional Standards; electronic data validation in accordance with QAPP specifications; quality assurance project plans; third party data assessments; double-blind PT programs; and quality systems training. Learn more about Stone's QA service on our Quality Assurance page.

Stone’s Quality Assurance Policy

It is Stone’s policy that environmental data operations will result in the collection of data that is of known and documented quality and suitable for its intended use, and that environmental technology activities will perform as specified. This quality policy applies to all data collected and environmental technology activities performed by and for Stone.

Stone's Quality Management Plan (QMP) is integral to our work.

The QMP describes the policies, procedures, and management systems within the organization that govern quality assurance and quality control activities. The QMP was prepared according to EPA Requirements for Quality Management Plans, EPA QA/R-2, March 2001 to document the quality assurance policies and management structure to be used in implementing Stone’s quality programs.

The QMP encompasses data directly generated by the work efforts of Stone or their contractors, as well as data obtained from other sources for use in Stone’s services. The QMP also covers environmental data that Stone collects directly for international, federal, and state agencies, and for private clients. Stone’s QMP is applicable to all of Stone’s environmental efforts and programs, including field and laboratory data-gathering activities or investigations that involve the determination of chemical, physical, or biological characteristics related to the environment, as well as investigations to studies that involve acquired data.