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Concept Design for a Pond Upgrade at Pine Grove Terrace, Morehouse Brook, Winooski

Stone is working with the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission and the City of Winooski to develop a concept (30%) design for stormwater improvements to address runoff from public highways and directly connected residential impervious surfaces in the Pine Grove Terrace development. The development is located in the Morehouse Brook watershed, which has been approved TMDL for stormwater flow developed by Stone under an engineering partner in 2013-2017. The concept design, now under development, will maximize water quality and peak flow control benefits including control of the 1-year storm from an approximately 30-acrea drainage area, of which 5.2 acres is impervious cover. There is a significant public transportation nexus for this stormwater improvement, as 2.1 acres of the existing impervious cover in the drainage area are public highway impervious surfaces.