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Dave Millar, Ph.D. Environmental Modeler


Dave is an environmental modeler with an interdisciplinary background in ecology, soil science, hydrology, and plant physiology. His expertise includes developing ecosystem and hydrological models, informed by data, that propagate uncertainty from model parameters to simulated output. His previous research has focused on climate change impacts on ecosystem dynamics and soil quality issues associated with agriculture. He has worked on environmental projects with interdisciplinary teams and stakeholders, including property owners, farmers, governmental agencies, and research scientists. Prior to joining Stone, Dave served as an operations research analyst for the United States Geological Survey in Colorado, where he contributed to the development of software used in managing natural resources. As a postdoctoral fellow, Dave conducted ecohydrological modeling research focused on forests impacted by biological disturbance and groundwater-dependent ecosystems. At Stone, David applies his technical expertise in a broad array of agronomic modeling and spatial analysis project efforts.