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Hisashi "Hisa" Kominami Staff Scientist

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Hisa has over eight years of experience working with federal and state government, non-profits, extension, and private landowners to solve complex environmental problems on farms and forestland in Vermont. Prior to Stone, Hisa worked as a soil conservationist with Vermont USDA-NRCS and implemented several voluntary federal conservation programs at the local level, ensured program participant compliance with the Food Security Act (FSA) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), delineated wetlands, and performed a variety of environmental risk assessments. At Stone, he draws from his interdisciplinary education, broad technical knowledge and skills, and extensive laboratory and field research experience to support field research projects.

Years of Experience 9

Years at Stone 1


M.S., Plant and Soil Science, 2010
University of Vermont

B.A., Biological Sciences, 2002
University of Chicago