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Our Core Values


We put our best efforts forward to ensure the team’s success.

  • We support each other and assume the best intentions.
  • We demonstrate our commitment to collective success by collaborating within and across teams.
  • We communicate professionally, honestly, and openly about successes and challenges.
  • We acknowledge and balance our colleagues’ strengths with talents and strengths of our own.

Fairness and equity

We ensure employee-owners at every level of the company are treated fairly and have the tools they need for success.

  • We communicate expectations and hold each other accountable.
  • We continually assess and improve our policies and approach to support equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • We proactively seek employee-owner input on decisions and processes that impact the company, employee-owners, clients, and partners.
  • We are transparent with how we reach decisions.


We consistently deliver high-quality outputs we are proud of and stand behind our work.

  • We allocate sufficient resources to projects and ensure staff have appropriate training to conduct their assigned tasks.
  • We collect, document, and analyze data using appropriate scientific methods and best practices to ensure results are accurate and defensible.
  • We employ hard work, critical thinking, attention to detail, and a willingness to pursue and refine new strategies and techniques.
  • We use continuous improvement tools to regularly examine our processes and make appropriate changes to improve the quality of our outcomes.

Work-Life Balance

We balance the time and energy spent at work with outside commitments such as family, individual passions, and community responsibilities.

  • We proactively communicate our personal and professional needs.
  • When planning or accepting work, we consider our capacity and communicate openly with our team to ensure manageable and equitable workloads.
  • We support flexible schedules so each employee-owner can balance professional and personal commitments while recognizing that expectations vary across the different roles at Stone.


We are honest, transparent, and consistent and conduct our work with integrity.

  • We conduct ourselves ethically and are committed to scientific integrity in producing and reporting data and deliverables.
  • We recognize that mistakes are inevitable and are honest and proactive in resolving them.
  • We recognize and respect personal limits as they relate to our professional competency, physical ability, and workload.


We ensure our colleagues feel valued, respected, and safe.

  • We enter conversations with open minds and allow empathy and kindness to direct our actions.
  • We are good custodians of our shared resources.
  • We treat others the way they want to be treated.