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Brownfield Redevelopment

As industrial trends changed at the turn of the century, many communities across the Northeast were left with greatly reduced economic bases and underutilized properties in the form of Brownfields. Meanwhile, the diverse and lively small businesses that are today's basis for economic growth need space to do business and fewer roadblocks to development.

When Brownfields are repurposed and developed, everybody wins. New businesses get much needed space, communities benefit from active and productive properties and an expanded tax base, and developers see returns on their investment.

Stone provides environmental services that help developers and communities assess the environmental conditions associated with Brownfields, evaluate risks to human health and environmental quality, and if necessary, remediate any issues to support redevelopment.

Stone's Brownfields-Related Services Include:

    • Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments
    • Brownfield Quality Assurance Project Plans
    • Brownfield Program Management, ACRES Reporting & Property Eligibility Determination Support
    • Brownfield Inventory
    • EPA Assessment and Cleanup Grant Writing and Support
    • Corrective Action Plans / Remedial Action Plans
    • EPA Analysis of Brownfield Cleanup Alternatives
    • Ongoing Monitoring
    • Area-Wide Assessments for Community-wide Planning
    • Due Diligence Services
    • Community Relations Planning & Outreach



To find out more about how we support Brownfields specifically, fill out our contact form or contact Dan Voisin at 802.229.1975 or