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Training Programs

It is Stone's policy to provide and make available to management and staff the training, including QA training, necessary to carry out their work successfully. Stone takes the lead in ensuring that the necessary levels of technical proficiency and QA knowledge are maintained throughout their staff and can extend these training principles to your staff. Personnel training procedures begin with an established orientation program designed to familiarize new staff with safety and chemical hygiene issues, the importance of QA/QC in their work processes, responsibility of the quality of their work in accordance with the appropriate standards, and its application to company policies and benefits.

Stone’s QAU provides training, presentations and courses in various areas of quality and OSHA safety, including:

  • 8 Hr. Refresher training in accordance with 29 CFR Part 120
  • GLP Training
  • Training NELAP and NEFAP quality systems standards
  • Data validation
  • Laboratory quality systems
  • Environmental chemistry for the nonchemist.
  • UFP QAPP development