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Quality Assurance

Stone’s in-house Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) improves the quality, efficiency, and economy of all the services we offer. Not only is the QAU integral to the success of our FIFRA, GLP Programs and other environmental Quality Assurance projects, but it also sets the standard for every staff member and endeavor at Stone.

It is Stone’s policy that environmental data operations will result in the collection of data of known and documented quality, suitable for its intended use, and the environmental technology activities will perform as specified. This quality policy applies to all data collected and environmental technology activities performed by and for Stone. Our QAU staff has substantial expertise in the regulatory compliance requirements and standards under FIFRA, CERCLA, and RCRA. This is backed by over 30 years of analytical laboratory experience for a true understanding of analytical methodologies, method validation, data assessment, and data validation.

Our Quality Assurance Capabilties

The quality of acquired data will directly impact the quality of the project results or environmental decision to which they are applied and are subject to Stone’s quality system requirements.

Stone has a comprehensive quality management system written in a Quality Management Plan (QMP) that describes Stone’s policies, procedures and management systems governing the corporate quality management program.