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Our culture

Stone Environmental's Culture is centered around its unique staff.

We work actively and purposefully to ensure the organization functions as an integrated community of colleagues. We strive to create a cohesive mesh between our service lines to form dynamic interdisciplinary work teams that offer our clients a unique, synergistic, multidimensional suite of services to solve their complex problems.

Stone has a progressive culture—from open communication, transparent leadership, and the freedom to explore one’s passions—to its commitment to giving back to the community and a firm “work hard, play hard” mentality. Simply put, it is one of the best places to work and why were voted a top place to work in Vermont for the last five years.

We enjoy the work we do and share our passion with both our local and professional communities.

Stone’s Culture Team, an ongoing multidisciplinary group, has identified our cultural values. 

Work Life Balance

We value a healthy balance between our professional and personal lives. We are proud to be a small, family-centric company that appreciates and strives to accommodate each individual’s commitments and schedule. We recognize that project work can require long hours and have implemented systems to ensure that demands on personal time – averaged over the long term – are equitable. We value a casual, collegial, open work environment. We value each employee’s mental and physical wellness. We believe that this leads to better employee satisfaction and company performance.

Performance Expectations and Accountability

We value the accurate and consistent evaluation of project and employee performance through appropriate metrics and systems. Stone strives for adequately budgeted projects where employees’ time is accurately counted, valued, and compensated. Clear and consistent standards exist for recording time and expenses billed to our projects. We recognize successes and achievements, as well as deficiencies and areas for improvement. In addition to strong project performance and client service, we also recognize the importance of developing, maintaining and investing in the tools, infrastructure, systems, skills, and effort needed to support and expand our services.

Excellence and Integrity

We are enthusiastic about our work and hold ourselves to a high standard. We are tenacious and hardworking problem solvers who bring a data supported scientific viewpoint to environmental and societal issues. We excel at providing quality work even under adverse conditions. Stone is known for excellence and integrity in the field of environmental consulting.

Collaborative Corporate Structure

Our company structure promotes collaboration and a multidisciplinary, team-based approach to problem solving. Effective communication is imperative. Stone employees, at all levels, are very accessible. We value an inter-connected web of colleagues over a hierarchical structure and segregated service lines. Stone has a fair, well-defined, transparent, and consistent decision-making process that includes input from all areas and levels of the company. There is an emphasis on continuity and inclusion across all of Stone’s locations.  

Professional Fulfillment and Innovative Community

We are a community of intelligent, creative and innovative professionals working together and sharing knowledge in a respectful and stimulating environment. Stone expects and delivers excellence. We provide and foster opportunities for training, mentoring, and coaching to encourage personal development and empowerment. Stone supports autonomy and gives its professionals the latitude to explore new opportunities and choose interesting project content, all of which lead to a high degree of employee satisfaction.

Environmental Ethos

Stone is committed to conducting our business in an environmentally responsible manner, consistent with a clean environment. We believe it is good business practice to be good environmental stewards, but also our duty to protect and improve the natural resources in the communities where we work.