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Meet Our New Pollinator Expert!

Meet Our New Pollinator Expert!

We're excited to announce that Leif Richardson, Ph.D. has joined the Stone team as a Senior Ecologist, bringing with him over 15 years of experience in diverse aspects of applied ecological and environmental science, including research on impacts of diet chemistry on bees and effects of land management practices on crop pollination by managed and wild bee pollinators.leif richardson

Leif recently completed a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics, University of Vermont, where he researched how multiple mutualisms influence crop yield, and how floral resources on farms affect bee pollinators. Based on this work, he recently led a successful grant proposal by growers and researchers to develop novel pollination systems for specialty crops.

"Most of our team has hands on experience collecting pollen and nectar samples for residue studies, but Leif brings a new level of expertise to Stone that will allow us to assist clients at the intersection of regulatory pollinator risk assessments and Good Laboratory Practices. This includes capacity to conduct Tier II and III tunnel and field studies with honey bees and other managed and wild pollinators, including bumble bees and mason bees," said John Hanzas, Agrochemical Fate and Exposure service leader.

Stone is excited to collaborate with its ecological assessment partner, Intrinsik, to take on exploratory and cutting-edge pollinator projects. "Intrinsik is very pleased that Leif's pollinator risk assessment and toxicity testing experience will enable the Intrinsik-Stone team to continue to expand the range of services we can provide to clients," said Dr. Dwayne Moore of Intrinsik.

Leif previously worked for a decade as an ecologist with the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, and has extensive natural resource management expertise, including in land cover mapping, forestry, and game species management.

"Leif has been a major contributor to our understanding of the interdependence of pollinators and agriculture. We are pleased that he will continue to advance this science as a member of the Stone team," said Chris Stone, President at Stone.

To learn more about Leif Richardson, Ph.D., download his resume.