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Dwayne Moore, Ph.D. Senior Ecotoxicologist

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Dwayne is a highly experienced ecotoxicologist with over two decades of experience in pesticide risk assessment and ecological exposure modeling. His expertise includes endangered and threatened species exposure and risk modeling for pesticides, developing environmental quality guidelines and criteria, community ecology, statistics, uncertainty analysis, and toxicity data analysis. Dwayne has managed numerous projects for government and industry clients, including screening-level and refined aquatic and/or wildlife risk assessments for pesticides in Canada, the United States, European Union, Latin America, and beyond. He led the development of probabilistic exposure and risk models for birds exposed to granular, seed treatment, and flowable pesticides. Dwayne also created the refined screening-level and probabilistic species-specific models for many threatened and endangered terrestrial species in the United States potentially exposed to flowable pesticides. Dwayne is very active in the professional community, has over 60 publications in peer-reviewed journals, published 13 book chapters, and is currently an associate editor for Integrated Assessment and Management.

Years of Experience 33

Years at Stone 1


Ph.D., Wetland Community Ecology, 1990, University of Ottawa

Master of Science, Wetland Community Ecology, 1985, University of Ottawa

Bachelor of Science, Plant Sciences, 1983, University of Western Ontario